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Regular Membership - Free - Sign up here
  • Notification of upcoming events and meetings
  • Eligibility for some drawings at monthly meetings

Premium Membership - $25/year
  • Advanced notification of limited seating events, including discounts on BAWSUG hosted pay events.
  • Eligibility for Premium Member only raffles at monthly meetings (you must be present to win)
  • Other discounts that we may arrange

Premium Sponsor Membership - $50/year
  • All of the above
  • A Listing in the BAWSUG Yellow Pages

Why do we have paid memberships?

The Boston Area Windows Server User Group has limited working capital. We are creating membership categories that deliver value to members, rather than simply asking for contributions.

You can also become a Premium Member or a Premium Sponsor Member by attending one of our meetings and paying with a check or cash. Your membership may be tax deductible as a "Professional Organization"; consult your tax advisor if you are unsure.
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