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Welcome to the Boston Area Windows Server listserv signup/unsubscribe area.

We have two opt-in systems that you may want to consider joining. One is a private mailing list used only for meeting notifications. The other system is a web-based discussion group used for peer-to-peer technical support. The complete list membership remains private even to your peers. You may also unsubscribe in this section.

Newsletters: (a very quiet list)
This list will only be used for monthly user group meeting notices and other highly relevant topics such as the rare job opening. This is a "read-only" listserv.

TechTips: (has more daily traffic)
This is a fairly low-noise peer-peer self help group. Since this will be open for access by any opt-in member, we will have some very understandable rules:

1) The primary purpose will be to see if we can request and offer assistance in a low-noise peer-peer mode. Please remember that this is an enterprise-level server group and questions about Windows XP, Vista, etc in a standalone mode are best served in another forum.

2) Vendors are NOT to use the listserv to promote their products. However, these are difficult times and perhaps some members have a very unusual piece of equipment to sell. In the case of equipment and if possible to minimize the chatter, please try to create a web link to an in-detail, off-line explanation of what you want to present.

3) Genuine IT job offers are also OK as long as the subject text says "JOB OFFER" to enable email filtering. Head-hunters and Staffing Associates are NOT allowed to post on the list. The location of the position and a salary range must be included. Once a connection is made, please reply to the individual and not the listserv.

4) Please, no flaming, derogatory comments, poking or kicking.

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