Boston Area Windows Server User Group
Background Info

Clyde Johnson
User Group President

Clyde Johnson is the lead person to coordinate future topics and speakers.  Once a topics list is drafted, the Steering Committee meets monthly to finalize the group's direction and confirmed topics.

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General Meeting Information
The group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm at 1 Cambridge Center in Cambridge, MA. Please use the entrance on the corner of Broadway and Main streets. Take the elevator to the second floor and check in with reception.

The actual address is as follows:
  1 Cambridge Center Center
  Cambridge, MA 02142

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Meetings are free to attend; pizza and beverages are provided at the meeting.

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Memberships and Mailing Lists
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Goals of the group
The Boston Area Windows Server User Group (BAWSUG) helps IT Managers and Administrators deploy Windows Server Technologies on the Internet and within the enterprise, specifically:

  » improve our core technology disciplines in Windows Server technologies
  » expose members to technologies and best practices not normally found in our day-to-day jobs
  » invite speakers from both Microsoft and non-Microsoft resources
  » incubate and encourage a great peer-peer support vehicle
  » provide a forum for selective third-party Windows Server and Desktop products
  » get to know your peers and have some fun at the monthly pizza & schmooze session
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